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An exclusive Lucano collection, here you can find the most loved products: the flagship of Casa Vena, Amaro Lucano, Limoncello, Sambuca and Caffè. Classic Lucano in the name of tradition.

amaro lucano
amaro lucano

Amaro Lucano

It was created in Pisticci in 1894 with the secret recipe of Cav. Pasquale Vena who passed it down from generation to generation. Thanks to the skilful blending/perfect combination of more than 30 herbs, Amaro Lucano, with its distinctive taste is ideal for all occasions. Best enjoyed, neat, with ice or with the addition of orange peel. Excellent for cocktails.

28% vol.

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cavaliere lucano

Vermouth Del Cavaliere

Vermouth Del Cavaliere has been revived from the liquor tradition of the Vena family from the late 19° century. The idea behind the graphic design of the label comes from an old print from the early 1900s which shows a Knight after a long journey who finally gets his prized reward: Lucano!
Production of this ancient recipe started out a few years after the famous amaro and was interrupted during the First World War and never seen again until today.

18% vol.

menta lucano

Amaro Lucano alla menta

Taken from a traditional Lucano recipe, Amaro Lucano Mint has made a comeback. The fresh aroma and decisive taste make it perfect for any occasion. Enjoy it neat in winter, on the rocks in summer or with water or soda for a refreshing moment of pure pleasure.

28% vol.

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