Lucano presents a series of products dedicated exclusively to professionals and specialised clients: restaurants, cocktail bars and wine shops. Tradition, passion and quality combined to celebrate 120 years of history.

Amaro Lucano Anniversario

Amaro Lucano Anniversario

Obtained using an ancient recipe by Cav. Pasquale Vena, Amaro Lucano Anniversary is produced using a careful blend of more than 30 herbs. The high alcohol content enhances the bitter herbaceous hints of Absinthe, Holy Thistle and Gentian. Its rich and complex structure makes Anniversario an excellent after meal Amaro and is best enjoyed neat, with ice or as a cherished ingredient for cocktails.

34% vol.

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Sambuca anniversario

Sambuca Lucano Anniversario

The finely balanced recipe enhances the hint of star Anise, making the liqueur full-bodied and well-rounded. Best enjoyed, neat, with ice or the classic ”Fly” coffee bean, or added to coffee.

40% vol.

cordial caffe

Cordial Caffè Lucano Anniversario

The strong flavour of authentic espresso coffee made with fine roasted beans meets the delicate aromas of vanilla and cocoa. Best enjoyed neat, frozen or as a garnish for your dessert.

26% vol.

Limoncello anniversario

Limoncello Lucano Anniversario

Liqueur obtained from an infusion of the finest Italian lemon zest, carefully selected. Best enjoyed neat or on-ice, it's the perfect after dinner. Sediment in the neck of the bottle is a natural phenomenon.

25% vol.

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