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The Vena family, now in its fourth generation, continues to enlarge its business towards other countries and occasions for consumption with the same passion and dedication the company founder had. At the very beginning it was not easy for the company to export a product such as Amaro which was not well known outside Italy or Germany. Today the export rate of the company is considered to be around 15% of the turnover. Their goal is to reach 30% of the turnover by 2018. After 5 years of specific operations on export, today Lucano is working in all the 5 continents with a focus on the USA, China and Germany. This growth has been possible thanks to a network of trusted brand ambassadors : Bartenders and local export managers who know the different market trends and consumer tastes.

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The company approach in these countries includes intense brand building activities which have produced close contacts with major local influencer: local PR agencies traders, sellers and of course the whole world of Mixology: selecting and training local bartenders with master classes organised nationally and presented by highly skilled bartenders. This training work has been especially effective in the USA, Germany and China where Amaro Lucano is increasingly popular and used as an essential ingredient for cocktails.

Lucano la Bottega

“Lucano la Bottega” was officially opened in April 2016. It is not just a store in which you can taste and buy the delights of the company but it is also a sensory experience for your palate and eyes and a fascinating overview of the Vena family and the Lucano territory.

The Bottega is located in the charming town centre of Matera; it was inspired by apothecary shops (herbalists/pharmacies) from the past. Inside the Bottega you can rediscover the beauty of ancient times and a region which is still relatively unknown- through the use of historical photographs, furnishings, original objects and aromatic herbs. Visiting the bottega means to breath the ancient history, passion and respect for those traditions that have always accompanied the work of the Gruppo Lucano.

Via del Corso, 52 - Matera
Tel. 0835 334878

Matera Store

The Museum Essenza Lucano

In December 2019 the "Essenza Lucano" museum was inaugurated inside our historic Pisticci plant: a multi-sensory space aimed at telling the story of the company and the Vena family, while revealing the flavors contained in the products.
The company's goal is to enhance the local historical and cultural heritage by developing synergies with the local society and promoting the local economy. The museum also holds a shop dedicated to the sale of limited edition Lucano products.
Our first shop is located in the suggestive center of Matera.

Per info contattare il 0835/469207

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