F.lli Vena

Traditional Italian liqueurs revisited in a modern key in honour of the brothers Leonardo and Giuseppe Vena who for more than 50 years after the war dedicated their whole lives to the success of the company.

Mirto vena


Made using a blend of hand-picked berries from wild myrtle plants that grow in Sardinia. This liqueur is produced according to an ancient recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation without any preservatives, colouring or flavourings. Best enjoyed frozen.

30% vol.

nocino vena


Made from a blend of whole walnuts with the husks left on that has been left to soak in alcohol for at least four months. The resulting infusion is then left to rest for another six months. Excellent as an after-meal drink, ideal added to coffee or as a topping for your ice cream. Best enjoyed cold.

40% vol.

liquirizia vena


Made from a blend of the finest liquorice roots, which give the liqueur its typical woody hints and intense taste. Excellent as a digestive. Best served frozen.

28% vol.

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