Lucano I Classici

An exclusive Lucano collection, here you can find the most loved products: the flagship of Casa Vena, Amaro Lucano, Limoncello, Sambuca and Caffè. Classic Lucano in the name of tradition.

amaro lucano
amaro lucano

Amaro Lucano

It was created in Pisticci in 1894 with the secret recipe of Cav. Pasquale Vena who passed it down from generation to generation. Thanks to the skilful blending/perfect combination of more than 30 herbs, Amaro Lucano, with its distinctive taste is ideal for all occasions. Best enjoyed, neat, with ice or with the addition of orange peel. Excellent for cocktails.

28% vol.

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sambuca lucano

Sambuca Lucano

With the traditional taste of star Anise, with delicate flavours of spices and flowers, it's an impressive dessert beverage. Best enjoyed, neat, with ice or the classic ”Fly” coffee bean, or added to coffee.

40% vol.

caffe lucano

Caffè Lucano

Created using high quality coffee blends, it contains the intensity of real espresso with added notes of cocoa and vanilla. Best served chilled or at room temperature during winter nights. An excellent after-meal drink and as a perfect garnish for your ice cream.

26% vol.

limoncello lucano

Limoncello Lucano

This fruit liqueur is made from an infusion of the zest of the most fragrant lemons. Best enjoyed chilled to enrich the taste of fruit and dessert. Drinking it one can experience the true sense of Mediterranean lands. Best enjoyed chilled to enrich the taste of fruit and dessert.

25% vol.

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